Cebu Pacific Booking – How to Book Online


Cebu Pacific Booking Tutorial

Booking a plane ticket through the Internet is fast and hassle-free with Cebu Pacific Booking Tutorial! Check out this Cebu Pacific Booking Tutorial video to learn about how you can book your ticket online with Cebu Pacific Air. Go online to avoid the line! (Video credit to Cebu Pacific Youtube Channel)

Here’s a Cebu Pacific Booking Tutorial to make the online booking of your Cebu Pacific flight easy and fuss-free. No more running to a ticket office before it closes to grab a promo fare.  And with a credit card, the whole process can be completed in one seating. All you need is to print the receipt and itinerary and just show-up at the airport at your designated flight departure!

Cebu Pacific Booking Tutorial (Previous Version)

CebuPacific Booking Step 1: Planning Your Trip/s
Plan your trip by using the “Book & Pay” section located at the left side of the Cebu Pacific Air homepage.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 1

CebuPacific Booking Step 2: Selecting Your Flight/s

There will be a list of all available flights that will be perfect for your travel plans. Please do take notice that the departure and arrival times will be different just as the fare depending on the date and time of the flight/s. Choose the particular flight you would like for your outbound trip and inbound trip, if applicable.

If you only select a single trip (non-rountrip flight), there will be no inbound flights displayed.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 2

CebuPacific Booking Step 3: Inputting the Guest’s or Guests’ Details

In this step, you have to enter all the information about the guest/s who will be taking the flight.  Please fill in all ncessary information and data.  Afterwards, click the Continue button.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 3

CebuPacific Booking Step 4: Choosing the Add-Ons

Customize your flight by availing of additional products and services that you can add to your ticket for a better Cebu Pacific flying experience.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 4

Likewise, guarantee your seats!  You can choose your seats by clicking on the icon/s of the seat/s you would like to buy.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 4 - Choose your seats

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 5: Make your Payment

Paying for your Cebu Pacific ticket/s has never been easier!   You can opt to via credit cards, debit cards, through banks or through your ATM.  Just fill in the necessary information via the totally secured payment facilities available and click Continue.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 5

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 6: Printing Your Itinerary Receipt

Complete your reservation and purchase by printing your itinerary receipt by clicking “Print”.  On the time of your flight, you can just bring this Cebu Pacific Booking Itinerary Receipt together with a valid Identification Card when you check-in on your flight.

Cebu Pacific Booking Step 6

The itinerary receipt will be emailed to you as you have indicated.

If you have not received your itinerary, or you prefer to add services to your booking, please check out the “Manage booking” page.

Cebu pacific Booking images courtesy of CebuPacificAir.Com