Cebu Pacific Seat Selector

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector: Get the best seat in every Cebu Pacific flight!

In the movies, you make sure you get seats next to each other. Now you can do the same in the airplane. Avail of Cebu Pacific Seat Selector service. Every time you book your flight, you get your seats as well! For a minimum fee, you can choose between two seating options to suit your taste. Standard seat selection is available for most seats, but for those who prefer additional leg room and easy access to the aisle, the Premium option is a prime choice. Never sit apart from your companions again.

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector Fees:

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector fees vary from flight to flight, wether the flights are domestic or international and depending on the distance.  Here are examples of the fees for seat selection:

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector Domestic (e.g. Manila-Puerto Princesa):

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector Fees Domestic

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector International (e.g. Manila-Hong Kong):

Cebu Pacific Seat Selector Fees International

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1. When will this Cebu Pacific Seat Selector service be available?
– Start choosing your seat! This service has been available since September 10, 2008.

2. How do I choose the seat I want?
– Seats are reserved once paid. Make sure to choose your seats during booking for your flight.

3. How does Seat Selector work?
– All seats in the aircraft may be reserved during booking by paying a minimal fee. Standard seats are sold at PhP100 per seat per sector, while premium seats (those with extra legroom) are sold at PhP200.

4. Why is Cebu Pacific selling these seats?
– Cebu Pacific would like to ensure you get the seats you want at the time of booking. During check-in, there is no guarantee you will get your preferred seats.

5. What happens if I don’t choose a seat?
– The next best available seat will be assigned to you. There is no guarantee that you will seat next to your travel companion.

6. I paid for a premium seat then suddenly I get assigned a different seat. How come?
– There are certain conditions or criteria that guest must meet in order to get a premium seat like:
–Guest must be at least 15 years old
–Guest must be able to understand and carry out instructions which will be given in English onboard the flight
–Guest must be able to speak in English
–Guest must not be travelling with someone that requires his/her assistance in an emergency
–Guest must be fit and able-bodied
–Guest must not have any permanent or temporary impairment (ex: deaf, hearing impaired, blind, vision impaired, any strength or mobility limitation, intellectual impairment or travelling with a service dog)
–Guest must be able to check outside conditions and react to crew commands
–Guest must be able to reach, open, lift and throw out the exit door in an emergency
–Guest must acknowledge the exit row briefing given by Cabin Crew once onboard the aircraft
–Guest must be willing to help or assist the Cabin Crew in the unlikely event of an evacuation or emergency situation
–Guest must not be seated with an infant
–Guest must not require the use of an extension seat belt
–Guest must not be elderly

7. Can I make a seat request during check-in?
– You may still request for your seat preference during check-in. However, seat requests may only be accommodated as long as these seats are still available/vacant.

8. Will I be charged if I made a seat request during check-in?
Since your seat request may only be accommodated if the seat is not taken yet, Cebu Pacific does not charge for seat selection at the airport.

9. Is the Seat Selector fee transferable?
– Yes, the fee is transferable when you transfer your booking to another person.

10. Is the Cebu Pacific Seat Selector fee rebookable?
– Yes, the fee is rebookable.

11. Is the Cebu Pacific Seat Selector fee refundable?
– No, the fee is non-refundable.

12. My flight was cancelled due to force majeure. Can my Cebu Pacific Seat Selector fee be applied to my rebooked flight? Yes, you may apply your Seat Selector fee to your new flight.

For bookings and inquiries, guests can go to Cebu Pacific Air Official Website, or call the reservation hotlines (02) 7020-888 or (032) 230-8888.